Sunday, May 08, 2005

Lotto update

For those already engaged in the story, here's the lowdown... I got nothing!!

For those not engaged - Mom bought us a $5 lotto ticket as an anniversary gift (well, as a very small part of the anniversary gift). I scratched if off and won $5. Yay! So I traded it in for another $5 ticket - which won me $10! Sadly, the next store we stopped at didn't have $5 or $10 tickets, so I got 5 $2 tickets (in hindsight, I think this was my downfall). Scratched them and won $2 :) Almost forgot to trade it in before we left NY, so we stopped at the last gas station on the border. Traded it in for another $2 ticket and won nothing :( Very sad. But it was a good adventure for the weekend :)


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