Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Quick update

There is so much going on that I want to write about, and yet so little time :( I'll give a quick update tonight and hopefully this weekend I'll be able to provide more detail.

Last Thursday we went to the hospital to see the Birthing Pavilion (part of the hospital where the babies are born :) ). It's a pretty nice place, considering its a hospital. They try hard to make the room comfy despite the linoleum floors and hospital bed. It was interesting though and I was glad to go. I've been curious for awhile as to what the place looked like. It made the whole experience seem much more real and closer!

This past weekend I had my baby shower... and what a shower! :) I had a great time with the friends and family who attended. Alan's mom, his sister, and my friend Julie all worked very hard and pulled together a fabulous party. I felt so special! I couldn't ask for a better bunch of family and friends... *sniff* :)

I also now feel a little more prepared to have this baby. We have cloths and a car seat (so they will let us take the kid out of the hospital). We also have a swing, bouncy seat, bath tub, lots of toys and tiny little hats and booties. Baby zig is gonna be stylin'.

We ended the evening with dinner at Friendly's and an animated discussion on girls names. We still haven't decided on one. Maybe if zig is a girl we'll look at her and a name will just come to us :) Hopefully!

This week is busy and getting busier. I'm trying to get all of the arrangements in place for a trip to Detroit next week. Though I'm sure Mike (the groom) and his lovely bride are worried about a lot more arrangements than I am :)

I also wanted to give a quick shout out to Stephenie, my co-worker, who not only does an awesome job at FINOWEN, but also gave me tons of maternity cloths! I'm now fully outfitted for the last few months :) I also found a cute dress that will work well for Mike's wedding next week. That was a big relief! Thanks Steph!

Ok, that's all for tonight. SO much to say, so little time. Maybe I'll devote this weekend to putting together baby furniture (swings, and strollers, and car seats, oh my!) and updating the blog. That would be fun :) Probably I'll spend it preparing to leave for vacation though :/

G'night all!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Baby pics (again, not my baby)

Grace Lilly Huber
Here is David and Suzanne's newest addition: Grace Lilly Huber. Isn't she a cutie! She was born on Wednesday, February 23, 2005.

Weird baby foot
This is just a picture that David sent me. Pretty crazy, huh??? I've heard people say they could clearly distinguish body parts, but I've never actually seen it. So, I figured I'd share it with the rest of you crazy people reading this post :)

Spring is in the air!

Happy, hoppy spring!! We even have lovely weather here to welcome the lovely new season. The past few days have been sunny and in the 40s! Keep this up and we might even see grass again someday :)

Alan and I spent the weekend cleaning the house and rearranging a bit. The goal was to make a guest room. And no, baby does not count as a guest - but there will be plenty of guests in the next few months and we thought a room would be appropriate. We succeeded there, but promptly determined that our house is one room too small. If we just had one more room everything would be perfect :)

Monday, March 14, 2005

31-week update

Had another SMA today. Baby is doing great. I'm measuring right on target (32cm actually) and baby is now heads down. Good baby! The midwife even showed Alan and I how to feel the baby's head. Very cool. I asked how she knew it was a head and not one of my internal organs. She explained. Made sense. I've also gained 25 pounds so far, which was the max I had hoped to gain. I'm sure I'll be gaining more in the next 9 weeks. Oh well. I'll probably have a big ol' tank baby too :) Good baby!

At the appointment we talked about a lot of post-partum stuff. Yuck!! My pregnancy has been going so well and now I'm all yucked out by the bleeding and sweating and leaking that will come after the baby. I'm not a big fan of bleeding, sweating, and leaking ;) One of the other mothers suggested starting now and buying something each week at the supermarket. I thought that was a pretty smart idea. Someone else mentioned cooking a bunch of freezable meals the few days before baby comes (assuming I'm not working) so there is plenty of food. I like the SMAs because it's good to hear from other women who have had kids fairly recently.

We also decided to open a 529 college savings plan and put all baby gift money into it. However, researching such plans is hard work :/

My baby shower is coming up in 2 weeks :) I'm getting excited. We currently have nothing for baby (except some booties, bibs, and a care bear - all holiday presents). After the shower I think this will all feel more real - and maybe I'll start to feel more ready!

That's all for tonight. Gotta do some laundry (got a few new shirts that actually cover the belly).

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Mug shots (30 weeks)

Ack! My belly feels so much bigger than it looks in the photos! It actually looks like I have a flat belly :/ Well, flat across the front anyway. Silly belly. It's starting to get in the way now. Sleeping isn't much fun anymore (baby zig gets a pillow now) and I'm having trouble tying my shoes. C'mon spring!!

We are also starting to think about logistics as the time draws nearer. Things such as what to bring to the hospital, when to go to the hospital, and where to put the baby once it comes. My baby shower is coming up soon (yay!) and maybe that will help us answer some questions. I'm sure it will be fun anyway :)

This weekend we have to go shopping for wedding cloths. I realized that Mike's wedding is just a few weeks away. I have to find something to wear that fits belly! This should be interesting. I'll keep you all posted.

Hmm.... I guess that's it for tonight. Lots of thing happen on both business and personal fronts, but when I try to sit down and think about it and write about it... I forget everything. I'm gonna blame that on the pregnancy :) Or lack of sleep. You're choice. More later.

PS. I hate the way this web side handles photos :/ I always spend like 10 minutes writing and an hour trying to make a few simple photos line up. Tonight I just gave up and left them a bit uneven.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Exploring Childbirth

So classes are in full swing. We took a breastfeeding class last night, which was interesting. We learned about "latch on" and "let down".

Tonight was our first childbirth class (1 of 5). There are just 3 couples in the class, so it was interesting with lots of discussion. The whole concept of labor kinda scares me, but I guess I'm gonna have to do it at some point! I'm sure by 40 weeks it will start to seem like the better of the two options...

Belly is getting bigger now. I'll try to post a new picture this weekend. I have to go to bed now though. The weeks are so busy.